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Private Class: Pole dancing/fitness

Pole dancing, also known as pole fitness, is a form of exercise that combines dance and acrobatics. It involves performing various moves and tricks on a vertical pole, utilizing strength, flexibility, and coordination.


Aside from improving upper body and core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and overall body tone, pole dancing is an amazing and fun way to boost your confidence and body positivity! 


Practical information

Location: Maanplein 7e, Den Haag

Your teacher, Felix Redondo Dekker, is a passionate dance instructor and performer with an interest in various dance styles. Born and raised in Spain, he moved to the Netherlands in 2011, where he has been residing ever since.


From salsa and bachata on the streets of Spain to winning Dutch and Benelux championships in ballroom and Latin dance, Felix has a versatile dance background. After a period of doubt, he rediscovered his love for dance and specialized in pole dancing.


Felix offers energetic classes that focus on awareness, enjoyment, and self-expression. He encourages his students to express themselves and experience personal growth through movement, while creating an environment where dancing based on feeling is celebrated.



1 session 60 minutes: €70,- | 1-month validity
5 sessions 60 minutes: €340,- | 6-month validity
10 sessions 60 minutes: €650,- 
| 1-year validity

  • Private classes can be shared with up to 3 people: please send a message to hello@ebbflowstudio to inform us if you intend to come with a group

  • Up to and including August 31st this is free of charge!

  • Per September 1st we will charge an additional fee of 10eu per person

  • 10% student discount (please bring your college ID card)

  • Student discount only applies in the case of 1:1 classes; not when the class is shared with 2-3 students

Book an appointment

Click the button below to immediately book an appointment. A booking request needs to be sent to us at least 48 hours before the preferred appointment time.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the session. The full payment will be charged if the session is cancelled within 24 hours.

Please arrive on time: we may need to cancel the appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late, if that means we cannot guarantee the quality of the class in the time that remains;  or charge a small additional fee to compensate for the teacher's time.

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