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Sometimes knowing-that and talking-about aren't enough. Breathwork addresses those places where the mind can't go. Conscious connected breathing sessions help the body release deeply rooted stress and tension - whether recent or from years long passed. 


Breathwork is an active meditation practice that can help you move this stagnant energy and release any physical, mental, emotional, or energetic blockages that you are (subconsciously) holding on to. It is a tool for self-exploration, expansion, and healing.


These sessions can be supportive for everyone* who has encountered trauma or hardship in their life and is looking for ways to move through, process, and integrate the remnants.

Breathwork can also be for you if you feel like you are somehow stuck, blocking your own path and progress, or disconnected from yourself and your center.

When we begin to breathe fully and consciously, this opens up the energetic channels of the body. Whatever we have been holding on to at a cellular level now has the chance to surface, and to be released. This may be stored tension and trauma at a physical or emotional level, dysfunctional thought patterns and belief structures, or even ancestral imprints that date back from before we were born.

*Please note that breathwork is not a substitute for therapy. If you need more support, please seek out a/your psychologist or general practitioner. Breathwork can, however, be a beautiful additional tool alongside therapy.


IMPORTANT: Contraindications for breathwork apply. Please take a close look before signing up by clicking at the link below. 

Contraindications for breathwork

Meet your Guide
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Rebecca Mourits

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with Rebecca Mourits

Breathwork helps you deepen the connection to your body and your intuition, opens the heart, grows resilience, can leave you with sudden insights, and cultivates bodymind awareness. Together we identify the places where you might be experiencing physical, emotional or energetic blockages. Bring awareness and breath to the parts that need it. Every session includes the space to check in and take a look at what is underneath the surface; to zoom in on your why and get clear on your intention, so you can get the most out of this session. You are advised not to eat (at least no big meal) until approximately 2 hours before the session begins.



Session of 90-120 minutes: €125,-

3 sessions of 90-120 minutes: €350,-