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Believe you can and you're halfway there.
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Wisdom Lab

We can almost hear your head start to spin: what on Earth is a Wisdom Lab? Well - it's our very intentional pet name for the workshops & events we organize at our studio. But apart from that: you tell us. Because we'd say it is a very subjective experience. That Life itself is the biggest laboraty of all, its researchers frantically looking for wisdom - for knowledge, guidance, and for things to make sense.


We stumble and fall, sniff and taste, eat the forbidden fruit, tread murky waters. We start to follow a shiny (but slippery) guru, hero, sage for a little bit - until, eventually, hopefully, we forge our own path. Like the hermit holding their lantern high, lightening the path before them.

The last is our hope, our intention for you with our Wisdom Lab: creating a place where you can conduct your own experiments. Where you can gather your resources, decide what you wish to keep and discard, mix and mingle, and find your own, personal truths.

We do so by offering workshops & events that touch on topics ranging from science to spirit as we move through the fields of yoga, embodiment, psychology, philosophy, energy, ecology and sustainability ... and who knows where else.

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