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Children's Massage

A sweet moment to help your child restore and regulate their nervous sytem. Especially supportive for children who deal with general nervousness and anxiety, and for those moving through intense life periods. Your child gets to choose between a more traditional relaxation massage of a massage according to the 'pulsing method'. 

Would you like to make an appointment but the availability of our practitioners does not fit your schedule? Email (, call or text/whatsapp us (+316 105 796 72) to see what we can do for you.

Image by Aron Visuals

with Loekie Blaisse or Bianca Dekker

Under a starry sky, your child is wrapped in a blanket and the masseur applies gentle pulsations according to the deeply calming 'holistic pulsing method'. This is a massage technique in which the body is softly shaked and stretched with a pulsation frequency that corresponds to the fetal heart rate. This gently brings in the child's presence.


It is a grounding treatment that feels like an enveloping cocoon, which is very beneficial for both adults and children and brings you back to your essence. If desired, a parent can stay with the child in the treatment room. Prior to the massage there is time to discuss specific needs. You may also choose a more traditional relaxation massage.


45 minutes: €55,-

Children's Massage
Meet your Practitioner

Bianca Dekker


Loekie Blaisse

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