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Class guidelines during Covid19


  • Find a quick overview of our Covid19 guidelines here

  • You need to register to join a class: via or the Eversports app

  • Come into the studio wearing a face mask: you can remove it as soon as you are on your mat

  • Dressing rooms are temporarily closed: please make sure you change at home

  • Please bring your own yoga mat, and towel to place over any props you may wish to use

  • Kind request to spray your mat clean with provided desinfectant after use 

  • Have a cold/flu symptoms, or are waiting on a test result? You know the drill; hope to see you again soon!

Treatment guidelines during Covid19


Naturally, we take all the necessary measures to work as hygienically as possible. The appointment will only take place if both the practitioner and the customer have felt completely healthy in the last 24 hours and have not been in contact with people with complaints. During the period that the measures apply, no cancellation will be charged for Covid19 reasons.


Wish to make an appointment? Call 06-51245965, click here to send a message via Whatsapp, or e-mail, and the studio will contact you.

New customer? Register first via Sign up


We would like to inform you about the measures that are being followed and the protocol that the studio uses. These guidelines are in agreement with the government and RIVM. This assures you of a minimal risk of the Corona virus while receiving treatment. In order to guarantee safety as much as possible and to minimize the risk, we also ask our customers to adhere to certain guidelines so that the studio is a place where everyone who is healthy can go with a sense of safety and trust. These guidelines are listed below.


Is it safe to have a treatment?
Yes, this certainly is the case if certain measures and protocols are observed. All guidelines from RIVM have been converted into a protocol. The studio is equipped with an advanced ventilation system with an automatic CO2 censor. This ensures a direct discharge of exhaled air. If you need treatment but still have doubts or would like an extra safety measure, you can choose to wear a mask yourself. The practitioner will always wear a face mask and extra time will be planned around the appointment to ensure your safety as much as possible.
Despite all the precautions taken, the chance remains, however small, that you will become infected on the way to your treatment, during or on the way back. By making the appointment you agree to this risk.

Protocol around treatment and appointment:
On the day of the appointment, the studio will contact you to ensure that it is justified to continue the appointment, or that it is better to reschedule the appointment at a later time.

  • Stay at 1.5 meters distance when possible.

  • No hands are shaken.

  • Customers are requested to wash / disinfect hands with hand alcohol. Paper towels are available for drying hands.


Request to our customers:

  • Bring 2 large bath towels / towels that have been washed at a minimum of 60 degrees. These towels have not been used for anything else after washing and are only used for your treatment.

  • Take as little belongings as possible and leave jewelry at home.

  • Please sneeze and cough in your elbow.

  • Face mask and / or gloves are required. When using it, make sure that it has been properly cleaned before treatment.

  • Come to your treatment alone.

  • Bring your own bottle of water. Due to hygiene measures, no water will be poured during or after the treatment.


Furthermore, the following applies:

  • During the treatment there will hardly be spoken.

  • Contact surfaces in the practice area and the rest of the building are regularly disinfected.

  • The treatment table is disinfected after each treatment and covers are replaced as usual.

  • The face is not treated.

  • Massage is mainly done in the prone position. By not lying, or at least lying supine, transmission of the virus is minimized.


Health questions
Below you can read eight questions you should ask yourself before an appointment. These questions are asked again before the treatment. If you answer YES to one of the following questions, we would like to ask you to cancel or reschedule the appointment in practice. This can therefore also be an hour in advance.

  1. Have you or a housemate / family member been diagnosed with corona in the past 14 days?

  2. Do you currently have one or more of the following (also mild!) symptoms: nose cold, cough, sore throat, general malaise, very tired, shortness of breath or fever (increase your own temperature by at least 1 degree)?

  3. Have you had any complaints (Covid-19 symptoms) in the past 24 hours?

  4. Do you have roommates / family members with a fever and / or the above complaints?

  5. Have you had contact with someone diagnosed with corona in the past 14 days?

  6. Do you live in a nursing home or institution for people with a disability?

  7. Are you home isolation?

  8. Do you somehow not feel healthy and have other/additional complaints?


Additional practical measures on top of those of RIVM:
On the day of the appointment we have contact to determine whether the appointment can go ahead;

  • The studio plans more time between treatments to meet stricter hygiene requirements;

  • Using disposable face disposables for prone position;

  • Used materials are cleaned or disinfected before the next client arrives;

  • Ventilate the room by opening the door and windows for at least 5 minutes before and after treatment.

  • Door handles, arm rests, coat rack, waiting room chair and other "contact points" are additionally cleaned in between;

  • The toilet and the contact points within the toilet area, as well as door handles, are disinfected after each use;

  • The practitioner always wears a mask during treatment to ensure safety as much as possible.


When do you belong to the group of vulnerable people for the Corona virus as defined by the RIVM?
Vulnerable persons or people with poor health are people aged 70 years and older and / or people who have any of the underneath stated conditions, receive the preliminary advice to postpone their treatment:

  • abnormalities and functional disorders of the airways and lungs;

  • chronic heart disease;

  • diabetes mellitus (diabetes);

  • severe kidney disease leading to dialysis or kidney transplantation;

  • reduced resistance to infections:

  • By medication for autoimmune diseases,

    • after organ transplant,

    • in hematological disorders (blood diseases),

    • immune and congenital immune disorders that require treatment;

    • for chemotherapy and / or radiation treatment of cancer patients;

    • an HIV infection (in consultation with the practitioner)

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