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Family Constellations Therapy

Do you feel out of touch with, or disconnected from yourself?


Does what you hoped or expect not come true and do you keep running into the same problems in your work, health, relationship or family?


Do you want change, but don't know how to do things differently?


If the answer is yes... come and experience the power of family constellations.


The things that block us from being the best version of ourselves sometimes go back generations. Natasja helps you clarify where your blockages are by means of systemic work.

During a constellation, we set up the questioner's family system. Many blocks that we experience in our lives have their origin in generations or situations that have happened before us. Together with you we will look for the origin of your challenges and take steps towards the solution from your own strength.

Would you like more information, or are you ready to join?

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Meet your Guide
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Natasja Aussems

Family Constellations Therapy

This kind of systemic therapy can help you if you:

• want to gain more insight into your stress or burnout complaints;
• have recurring conflicts with your partner, friend or colleague;
• want to experience more flow and relaxation in your life;
• want to find out the origin of your insecurity, fear, anger, depression or panic;
• want to investigate physical complaints from a psychological perspective;
• want to stand in your own strength, in your place, personal leadership;
• want to live life to the fullest;
• gets stuck in your work or study;
• want to be more in touch with your feelings.


Why systemic work?

Because it can give you insight into deep-rooted (unconscious) feelings, blockages, wishes and desires. When you stand in your own place in the system, you stand in your power and the energy flows naturally in your direction.

Natasja: 'I use family and/or organizational constellations. During a constellation we work with representatives who represent different dynamics and roles in your system. As a result, surprising and useful insights unfold and patterns are unraveled.'


Good to know:

• Participation does not guarantee that your constellation question will be dealt with specifically. However, when we are chosen as a representative, one or more aspects of our own questions are oftentimes discussed. You will notice that the constellations of others have the same common ground, and thus have an impact on your own process. One way or the other this evening will contribute to gaining insight, processing and integration of what you come for.
• This evening is part of a recurring series of general constellation evenings and theme afternoons: for example with regard to self-love, relationships, mother-daughter bond, or taking your place in the world. Keep an eye out on the events.

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