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Image by Abed Ismail

New Moon Circle

Because mirrored in your reflection, I see my own radiance and resilience. Mirrored in your reflection, I remember who I am - and who we all are.

What goes on during a New Moon Circle?

Every circle will be different, but you can expect a breakdown of the current astrology and how this may be mirrored in our own lives, alongside some form of meditation, visualization, embodiment practices, journaling and sharing.

Practical Information

  • Location: Online via Zoom

  • Circle facilitator: Rebecca Mourits

  • Language: Dutch or English, depending on the registrations

Circles are ancient practices in which people gather to (re)connect. To ourselves and each other; to the planet and the cosmos.


We circle to celebrate life and learn from one another. To share our stories, our dreams and our grief. The lessons and the love. We circle to find healing in recognition; and to restore harmony within ourselves so that it can ripple out into the rest of the world.


These gatherings provide an anchor to help us steady ourselves in the beautiful & challenging chaos that is life. We circle around every new moon to turn inwards, listen deep, and come out with greater clarity and presence as we set our intention(s) for the next lunar cycle.


Let’s hold space for our mutual unfolding, during all of our cycles and seasons.

And let’s continue to remind each other…


We all ebb and flow. Together, we rise.

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