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Need help recovering from Covid? Read on!

There is a large group of people who experience a slow recovery after being infected with Covid19. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a holistic approach that supports the self-healing abilities of the body, and helps you to return to a state of balance and radiant health.

For those who are in need of this kind of support: TCM practitioner Dr. Yat-Sen Nepomuceno offers his services at Ebb & Flow Studio. He has already succesfully treated multiple people who were going through a long and ardeous recovery process.

Continue to read for Yat-Sen's personal message about TCM Covid treatment!


It seems like the pandemic is finally being downgraded to an endemic in some countries, although most of us are still leery of the virus and the ramifications. But while we still have much to learn about the longer lasting impact, the scientific community has also learned a great deal about the virus.

Many of us are aware of the hallmark symptoms for COVID: loss of taste and smell (anosmia), body aches and fatigue, and, in many cases, depression (from isolation or otherwise) or a general feeling of gloom. These symptoms can linger long after recovery from the virus.

Some people have lingering symptoms post-COVID infection such as fatigue, body aches, chest tightness and lack of taste and smell long after recovering from the virus.

But... there is help!

Aside from olfactory retraining, healthy eating and frequent rest, there is also acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years and uses hair-thin needles that are inserted in energy points on meridians (energetic channels) within the body. It balances anything that is out of balance, and boosts the immune system.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ancient texts have been treating patterns of lung dysfunction for thousands of years. The lung qi (energy) is responsible for boosting the immune system or Wei Qi. When it becomes compromised, viral (cold) symptoms may present chills, fever, sore throat, runny nose, headache, etc. Acupuncture, sometimes in combination with natural Chinese herbal medicine, helps to release the pathogen, tonifies the lungs and helps boost the immune system.

If you suffer from post-COVID symptoms, acupuncture can offer you a natural way of treatment to restore the energetic balance in the body, mind and spirit. In turn, acupuncture helps the body recover faster.


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