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Chinese New Year - Tiger 2022

By Yat-Sen Nepomuceno

With the Winter Solstice 冬至 just behind us, the days are steadily getting noticeably longer and the nights shorter.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Yin energy reaches its peak. The Yin Qi (Yin Energy) in human body reaches its peak as well.

The solstice marks the darkest day, but it's also the start of Yang energy. Unlike in Western culture, this date does not mark the start of winter, but rather the midpoint as we slowly head toward the new lunar new year on February 1st: the year of the Tiger 虎年, a Yang energy associated with the element of Water.

Because water always takes the road of least resistance and pools together in the lowest point, it is generally advised to think twice about spending money in this year and instead, save money… let it quietly pool together and don’t waste your energy haphazardly.

Generally, the Tiger incites a sense of both awe and admiration: its prowess, its ferocity, its beauty and majesty, and the harmony of the opposites which balances out the extremes and brings luck. The Tiger is also associated with the sun, summer and fire. They symbolize Power, Energy, Royalty, Protection, Generosity, Illumination, and Unpredictability.

In this coming year of the Tiger, be mindful to nourish your Qi!


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